First Aid At Work

Here at Explore 4 More we offer a variety of different First Aid packages that suit most working environments. Our courses range from Emergency First Aid at work and Outdoor First Aid, so whether you work indoors or outdoors we will have a course that will suit you. Our experienced instructors come from a variety of different working backgrounds and all have an active professional and personal interest in First Aid Training. Typical delivery methods are predominantly practical and the courses are assessed by continual observation of candidate performance.

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We work together for fun
Outdoor First Aid Training

Outdoor First Aid courses

Delivering The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OfQual) and Scottish Qualifications Authority(SQA) accredited, Outdoor First Aid courses. Our qualified staff have taught and operated in some of the most extreme conditions around the world and will share their knowledge through theory and practical instruction to ensure that you improve your knowledge and self-confidence, and take away an experience you will never forget.

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Outdoor Activities and Team building

Here at explore 4 more we have a vast amount of experience of operating and teaching in the outdoor environment and pride ourselves in sharing these life changing experiences through exciting and challenging activities that are both educational and physical.

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We work together for fun

Whether for personal development or just fun, outdoor activities can bring teams together and help individuals bond better with others. Activities can be made demanding to challenge the competitive client or at a more relaxed and progressive pace to develop the client who needs to develop self-confidence at a slower pace.

Outdoor activities. Explore 4 More

Our outdoor first aid courses are designed to meet the needs of those working in a remote environment away from immediate assistance. The aims of the courses are to enable students to recognise when someone has a medical emergency, and be able to immediately give the appropriate assistance at first aid level.

Outdoor First Aid Explore 4 More

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